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  Molly Shepard's 2008 book was sold out and has been re-issued!  Breaking Into the Boys' Club has a new, updated edition released in June 2014.


 Nila Betof, COO, is the current President of the Forum of Executive Women



 Watch the video on Peter Dean's book The Coachable Leader for USAirways Radio  

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The Leader's Edge/Leaders By Design is a leadership development, executive coaching and consulting firm that has partnered with hundreds of C-suite, executive and high-potential men and women to enhance their leadership styles. Our talented team of coaches is diverse, with years of experience working in corporate settings. This ensures that each of our coaches is positioned to strategically develop the specific initiatives outlined by leaders who work with us.


Our vision is to assist executive and high-potential

men and women in cultivating their leadership excellence so they can achieve success in the

top tiers of organizations.

We recently completed new reserach on women and confidence in the workplace.



  • Fully focused in the area of leadership development
  • Established team of well-regarded and seasoned executive consultants aligned around protocol and process
  • Principals of firm continuously contribute intellectual capital to the field
  • Many years of ongoing relationships are a function of reputation for high-quality work

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Joseph Toto
Senior Consultant

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The Leader's Edge/Leaders By Design has several upcoming speaking engagements. Join us to gain some valuable leadership and development insights:

April 23: Peter J. Dean for The Conference Board on Third Way of Leadership: Beyond Gender Archetypes (New York)

May 5: Nila G. Betof at the Women’s Leadership Academy (Dallas)

June 4: Shelley Potente for the Haverford Speaker Series on Self-Promotion in Motion (Philadelphia)


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Peter J. Dean, PhD: The Coachable Leader: What Tomorrow's Leaders Need to Know Today
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Molly D. Shepard, MS, MSM: Preparing for Your Primetime: A Women Boomers Guide to Retirement
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